All items held in stock will be delivered to your doorstep within a period of 3 to 5 working days (Hobart City vicinity). In the case of all customized orders, the regular production process takes about 8 to 12 weeks. In the scenario that you are located outside Tasmania, you need to contact us via phone or email for a shipping rate estimate.

    • Because of the characteristics of imported items for any suspensions in delivery or omitted components, transit issues, and staff issues. Despite this, as a business, we completely understand the significance of timely shipping and would aim to try our hardest.
    • Postponement in components (leather/cloth/wicker etc.) provision is normal. If the components you have opted for, are not in stock for extended periods or discontinued, you have the choice to either wait for the stock to update or opt for another component to the same standard as your order.
    • Once your order is completed, our staff personnel will inform to before delivery to discuss your availability and plan a time for you to obtain your ordered item. Our delivery company might also get in touch with you via phone before delivery of your order.
    • The customer is solely liable for providing us with the correct delivery address and a phone number (preferably a mobile number) for delivery needs. We will not be held accountable for a postponement in delivery as a result of incorrect personal details.
    • The order must be received by someone at your home at the time of delivery for your respective purchase on the given day. All orders must be received after the receiver signs on delivery unless we are told otherwise (to leave your order at the doorstep) before delivery. In case you are not available at home to receive your order, recurring delivery might be subject to additional delivery fees.
    • The typical delivery rates include door-to-door delivery (ground floor only) unless you have specified otherwise, and your sales receipt explicitly states so.

Please take note that the services below are NOT a part of the regular delivery rates:

  • Unwrapping packaged items
  • Extraction of packaging components
  • Furniture assembly
  • Removal of the previous furniture

A ‘Gold Delivery Service’ consisting of furniture unwrapping, basic assembling, and discarding of packaging components can be organized for you if you require, but at an additional cost.

  • Deliveries that require excessive stair-climbing (exceeding 2 flights of stairs), where the delivery location is difficult to access or locations where the transport has to be parked at a distance from the delivery site will cost you additional.
  • Please remember that some shipping locations have specific needs, and we request that these needs are specified before shipping.

These include:

  • More than 2 flights of stairs.
  • Skyscrapers with small elevators.
  • Extensive distance from the transport “lift-off” location.
  • Stairs too uncomfortable to move package furniture.
  • Delivery where lifters or block and tackle are needed (eg. Delivering over a balcony)

Enough, uninterrupted and safe access must be provided to deliver the items you have bought. Please ensure that you take measurements of all entryways, stairs, elevators, and any narrow pathways thoroughly. In case you don’t specific to us beforehand any potential hindrances, your delivery process will be halted, and your item will be returned to our storage facility. Any later delivery attempts will incur charges made at the client’s expense.



2.1 Pickups are appreciated by yourself or via your delivery service provider via appointment. You should get in touch with our outlet 24 hours before pickup.

2.2 Please ensure that you have extra assistance, as our storage staff will only be able to aid you very limitedly in lifting lounge sets. Furthermore, obtain all necessary steps to make sure your product is safe. Transporting it via the roof of your car, or by squeezing it in may incur damage. Elan Furniture will not be held liable for any disruptions or damages to items after pickup from the outlet.



3.1 We will alert you within 48 to 72 hours after we can confirm the exact delivery date and time. Please note: your item must be picked up, i.e., choose between picking it up from our storage facility or our paid delivery service within 10 days from that date, or an extra storage cost is charged.

3.2 In case you do not inform us or pay the dues within 10 business days after our final notification of order shipping. As a result of this, we have the authority to omit your order and deduct the storage cost from your deposit including production cost.

3.3 We fully understand that many emergencies may arise during the renewal and building of your house. Please inform us as soon as you are aware, so you may avoid the incurrence of additional storage costs.